Company A-Z

Companies - D Price % Change
DB Physical Gold (XGLD) 128.22p -1.56 -2.04p
DB Physical Palladium (XPAL) 105.55p 5.34 5.35p
DB Physical Rhodium (XRH0) 148.25p 0.00 0.01p
DB WTI Crude Oil Booster (XCT9) 44.07p 3.09 1.32p
DBX CSI300 Etf (XCHA) 12.80p 2.96 0.37p
DBX FTSE Vietnam Etf $ (XVTD) 29.56p -19.88 -7.34p
DBX MSCI Bangladesh Etf (XBAN) 1.09p -5.18 -0.06p
DBX MSCI Brazil IDX UCITS Etf (Dr) (XMBD) 50.48p -4.11 -2.17p
DBX MSCI Brazil IDX UCITS Etf (Dr) (XMBR) 3,928.00p 4.44 167.00p
DBX MSCI China IDX UCITS Etf Dr $ (XCS6) 18.64p -8.40 -1.71p
DBX MSCI Indonesia Etf USD (XIDD) 16.25p -6.11 -1.06p
DBX S&P 500 2x Inverse Daily Etf (XT2D) 2.12p 6.99 0.14p
DBX S&P 500 Inverse Daily Etf (XSPD) 14.20p -5.54 -0.83p
DBX S&P Global Infrastructure Etf (XGID) 42.69p -1.42 -0.62p
DBXT MSCI Japan Index UCITS Etf (Dr) (XMUJ) 25.63p 8.94 2.10p
DBXt RUSl 2000 Acc - 1c (XRSU) 206.48p -2.79 -5.94p
DCC (DCC) 6,955.00p 4.04 270.00p
DP Eurasia (DPEU) 211.50p -4.73 -10.50p
Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) 514.50p -20.05 -129.00p
De La Rue (DLAR) 664.00p 5.73 36.00p
Debenhams (DEB) 30.30p 5.94 1.70p
Dechra Pharmaceuticals (DPH) 2,232.00p -0.89 -20.00p
Derwent London (DLN) 3,010.00p 3.33 97.00p
Diageo (DGE) 2,526.00p 1.32 33.00p
Digital Barriers (DGB) 16.00p 0.00 0.00p
Dignity (DTY) 866.00p 8.59 68.50p
Diploma (DPLM) 1,102.00p -0.45 -5.00p
Direct Line Insurance Group (DLG) 407.40p 5.00 19.40p
Dixons Carphone (DC.) 201.30p 1.85 3.65p
Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) 342.25p 1.26 4.25p
Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) 24,942.45p -1.10 -276.95p
Drax Group (DRX) 276.70p 18.55 43.30p
Dunelm Group (DNLM) 633.75p 9.55 55.25p

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