Company A-Z

Companies - E Price % Change
EI Group (EIG) 157.60p -8.05 -13.80p
EKF Diagnostics Holdings (EKF) 27.30p 1.87 0.50p
ETFS Agriculture (AIGA) 4.37p 2.91 0.12p
ETFS Brent Crude (BRNT) 32.54p 24.72 6.45p
ETFS Brent Oil 1 month (OILB) 26.63p -0.71 -0.19p
ETFS Carbon Securities EUR (CARB) 15.58p 3.18 0.48p
ETFS Cocoa (COCO) 2.29p 0.46 0.01p
ETFS Coffee (COFF) 0.94p 9.56 0.08p
ETFS Copper (COPA) 24.84p -1.09 -0.28p
ETFS Cotton (COTN) 2.71p 6.92 0.18p
ETFS Daily Lvg Coffee (LCFE) 1.13p 24.11 0.22p
ETFS Daily Lvg Gold (LBUL) 33.72p -6.05 -2.17p
ETFS Daily Lvg Sugar (LSUG) 1.91p -16.67 -0.38p
ETFS Daily Lvg WTI Crude Oil (LOIL) 52.50p 36.86 14.14p
ETFS Daily Lvg Zinc (LZIC) 8.03p 13.22 0.94p
ETFS Daily Short Natural Gas (SNGA) 330.00p 20.72 56.65p
ETFS Gasoline (UGAS) 1,727.56p 0.06 1.06p
ETFS Gold £ (BULP) 1,151.50p -0.84 -9.75p
ETFS Leveraged Wheat (LWEA) 21.49p 12.73 2.43p
ETFS Nickel (NICK) 10.28p -1.30 -0.14p
ETFS Physical Gold (PHAU) 116.25p -2.42 -2.89p
ETFS Physical Gold £ (PHGP) 9,548.00p 0.53 50.00p
ETFS Physical Silver (PHAG) 13.86p 0.65 0.09p
ETFS Physical Silver £ (PHSP) 1,053.61p -3.97 -43.60p
ETFS Platinum (PLTM) 21.19p 6.28 1.25p
ETFS Silver (SLVR) 14.06p -0.90 -0.13p
ETFS Soybeans (SOYB) 18.90p 3.26 0.60p
ETFS WTI Crude Oil (CRUD) 7.75p 0.85 0.07p
ETFS WTI Oil 2 month (OILW) 20.82p 14.47 2.63p
Edinburgh Dragon Trust (EFM) 343.50p -3.78 -13.50p
Eland Oil & Gas (ELA) 113.00p 6.60 7.00p
Elementis (ELM) 204.35p 8.47 15.95p
Empiric Student Property (ESP) 94.95p 2.10 1.95p
EnQuest (ENQ) 25.35p 11.67 2.65p
Enegi Oil (ENEG) 0.48p 0.00 0.00p
Energean Oil Gas (ENOG) 575.50p 1.32 7.50p
Entertainment One Group (ETO) 396.60p 15.42 53.00p
Epistem Holdings (EHP) 85.00p 0.00 0.00p
Equiniti Group (EQN) 206.50p 0.49 1.00p
European Investment Trust (EUT) 772.00p -2.53 -20.00p
Evraz (EVR) 508.25p 8.95 41.75p
Experian (EXPN) 1,850.00p 0.16 3.00p
easyJet (EZJ) 1,091.00p -1.84 -20.50p
esure Group (ESUR) 279.70p 0.04 0.10p

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