Company A-Z

Companies - F Price % Change
F&C Capital & Income Investment Trust (FCI) 312.00p 0.48 1.50p
F&C Commercial Property Tst Ld (FCPT) 149.50p 0.54 0.80p
F&C Global Smaller Companies (FCS) 1,310.50p -0.11 -1.50p
F&C Managed Portfolio Trust (FMPI) 138.50p 0.00 0.00p
F&C Managed Portfolio Trust (FMPG) 192.00p 0.00 0.00p
F&C Private Equity Trust (FPEO) 342.00p 0.55 1.88p
F&C UK High Income Trust (FHIU) 412.50p -0.24 -1.00p
F&C UK High Income Trust A (FHI) 103.50p 0.00 0.00p
F&C UK Real Estate Investments (FCRE) 105.75p -1.17 -1.25p
FBD Holdings (FBH) 8.25p 0.00 0.00p
FDM Group (Holdings) (FDM) 951.00p 0.11 1.00p
FFI Holdings Ord 1p (FFI) 157.50p 0.00 0.00p
FIH Group (FIH) 285.00p 0.00 0.00p
FT US Large Cap Core Alphadex UCITS Etf (FEXU) 41.43p -0.04 -0.02p
Fair Oaks Income Fund (FAIR) 1.02p 0.00 0.00p
Fair Oaks Income Limited 2014 Shs Npv (FA14) 1.06p 0.00 0.00p
Fairfx Group Ord 1p (FFX) 70.00p 0.72 0.50p
Falanx Group (FLX) 7.50p 0.00 0.00p
Falcon Acquisitions (FAL) 11.50p -2.13 -0.25p
Falcon Oil & Gas (FOG) 22.63p 0.00 0.00p
Fandango Holdings Ord Gbp0.001 (FHP) 1.25p 0.00 0.00p
Faroe Petroleum (FPM) 97.00p 0.26 0.25p
Faron Pharmaceuticals (FARN) 822.50p 0.00 0.00p
Fastforward Innovations (FFWD) 10.75p -1.15 -0.13p
Fastjet (FJET) 21.50p 0.00 0.00p
Fc Uk High Income Trust B Ord 0.1p (FHIB) 103.50p 0.49 0.50p
Feedback (FDBK) 2.00p 0.00 0.00p
Fenner (FENR) 331.25p 0.15 0.50p
Ferguson Ord 10 5366p (FERG) 4,736.00p -0.13 -6.00p
Ferrexpo (FXPO) 276.00p -3.53 -10.10p
Ferrum Crescent (FCR) 0.06p 0.00 0.00p
Fevertree Drinks (FEVR) 2,260.00p -1.31 -30.00p
Fidelity Asian Values (FASS) 18.00p -7.69 -1.50p
Fidelity Asian Values (FAS) 369.63p -1.00 -3.75p
Fidelity China Special Situations (FCSS) 216.30p -0.05 -0.10p
Fidelity European Values (FEV) 218.30p -0.41 -0.90p
Fidelity Japanese Values (FJV) 125.50p -0.89 -1.13p
Fidelity Special Values (FSV) 240.00p -0.16 -0.38p
Fidessa Group (FDSA) 2,188.00p 0.55 12.00p
Filta Group Holdings (FLTA) 200.00p 0.00 0.00p
Filtronic (FTC) 12.88p 3.00 0.38p
FinEx Finex Russian Corporate Bonds USD (FXRU) 110.35p -0.12 -0.14p
Findel (FDL) 176.50p 0.00 0.00p
FinnAust Mining (FAM) 8.00p 0.00 0.00p
Finsbury Food Group (FIF) 104.00p 1.46 1.50p
Finsbury Growth & Income Trust (FGT) 726.00p -0.21 -1.50p
Fintrust Debenture (70GU) 131.50p 0.00 0.00p
Firestone Diamonds (FDI) 28.25p 0.00 0.00p
First Debenture Finance (50GU) 105.00p 0.00 0.00p
First Derivatives (FDP) 2,912.00p -1.29 -38.00p
First Property Group (FPO) 53.00p -1.85 -1.00p
First Trust Em Alphadex UCITS Etf (FEMU) 30.50p -3.01 -0.95p
First Trust Emerging Markets Alphadex UCITS Etf (FEM) 2,258.75p -2.87 -66.75p
First Trust Eurozone Alphadex UCITS Etf (FEUZ) 2,718.00p -1.02 -28.00p
First Trust Japan Alphadex UCITS (FJP) 1,792.00p 0.67 12.00p
First Trust US Large Cap Core Alphadex UCITS Etf (FEX) 3,071.50p 0.21 6.50p
First Trust US Lgcapcore Alphadex UCITS (FEXD) 2,969.50p 0.20 6.00p
First Trust United Kingdom Alphadex UCITS Etf (FKU) 2,193.00p -0.23 -5.00p
FirstGroup (FGP) 116.20p 1.84 2.10p
Fisher (James) & Sons (FSJ) 1,540.00p 1.99 30.00p
Fishing Republic (FISH) 39.50p -5.95 -2.50p
Fiske (FKE) 72.50p -3.33 -2.50p
Fletcher King (FLK) 64.50p 0.78 0.50p
Flowgroup (FLOW) 0.98p -4.88 -0.05p
Flowtech Fluidpower (FLO) 151.50p -0.33 -0.50p
FlyBe (FLYB) 36.00p -1.71 -0.63p
Flying Brands (FBDU) 3.38p 0.00 0.00p
Focusrite (TUNE) 273.50p -0.55 -1.50p
Forbidden Technologies (FBT) 5.50p 0.00 0.00p
Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust (FRCL) 600.00p -0.17 -1.00p
Foresight 4 Vct (FTF) 61.00p 0.00 0.00p
Foresight Solar Infrastructure Vct D Ord 1p (FTSD) 100.00p 0.00 0.00p
Foresight Solar Fund (FSFL) 111.25p 0.68 0.75p
Foresight Solar VCT (FTSV) 88.50p 0.00 0.00p
Foresight Solar Vct (FTSC) 83.50p 0.00 0.00p
Foresight Technology Vct (FTV) 71.50p 0.00 0.00p
Foresight Vct (FTVP) 6.50p 0.00 0.00p
Foresight Vct (FTVI) 81.00p 0.00 0.00p
Forterra (FORT) 274.75p 0.27 0.75p
Fox Marble Holdings (FOX) 7.63p 0.00 0.00p
Foxtons Group (FOXT) 71.00p 0.71 0.50p
Franchise Brands (FRAN) 65.50p 0.00 0.00p
FreeAgent Holdings (FREE) 92.50p 0.00 0.00p
French Connection Group (FCCN) 44.00p 0.28 0.13p
Frenkel Topping Group (FEN) 51.50p -2.83 -1.50p
Fresnillo (FRES) 1,437.00p 0.00 0.00p
Frontera Resources Corporation (FRR) 0.66p 50.57 0.22p
Frontier Developments (FDEV) 953.00p -1.19 -11.50p
Frontier IP Group (FIPP) 48.50p 1.04 0.50p
Frontier Smart Technologies Grp (FST) 117.50p 0.00 0.00p
Fulcrum Utility Services (FCRM) 51.25p 0.00 0.00p
Fuller Smith & Turner (FSTA) 1,010.00p -0.49 -5.00p
Funding Circle SME Income Fund (FCIF) 104.25p 0.00 0.00p
Funding Circle Sme Income Fund Limited C Shs Npv (FCIC) 102.50p 0.00 0.00p
Funding For Homes (99GT) 107.00p 0.00 0.00p
Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust Ord 1p (FEET) 1,132.00p -0.09 -1.00p
Futura Medical (FUM) 26.25p -1.41 -0.38p
Future (FUTR) 296.13p -2.27 -6.87p

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