Company A-Z

Companies - G Price % Change
G4S (GFS) 260.05p 0.44 1.15p
GAN (prev.Gameaccount Network) (GAN) 35.38p 2.54 0.88p
GB Group (GBG) 386.13p 1.08 4.13p
GBS Sec Und Zero Cpn Nts (GBS) 120.88p -0.54 -0.66p
GBS Sec Und Zero Cpn Nts (GBSS) 9,130.50p -0.40 -37.00p
GCM Resources (GCM) 33.00p -2.94 -1.00p
GCP Asset Backed Inc Fund (GABI) 107.38p 1.78 1.88p
GCP Infrastructure Investments (GCP) 119.55p 0.29 0.35p
GCP Student Living (DIGS) 139.75p 0.54 0.75p
GETECH Group (GTC) 26.50p 0.00 0.00p
GKN (GKN) 303.10p 0.30 0.90p
GLI Finance (GLIF) 12.13p 0.00 0.00p
GVC Holdings (GVC) 923.25p 0.24 2.25p
GYG (GYG) 114.50p -12.26 -16.00p
Gabelli Merger Plus Trust Ord Usd0.01 (GMP) 10.34p 0.00 0.00p
Gabelli Value Plus Trust (GVP) 125.00p 0.00 0.00p
Galantas Gold Corporation (GAL) 4.38p 0.00 0.00p
Galileo Resources (GLR) 1.45p 0.00 0.00p
Galliford Try (GFRD) 1,170.50p 0.13 1.50p
Gama Aviation (GMAA) 251.50p 0.00 0.00p
Game Digital (GMD) 39.75p 0.00 0.00p
Games Workshop Group (GAW) 2,235.00p 0.22 5.00p
Gaming Realms (GMR) 8.25p -2.88 -0.25p
Gamma Communications (GAMA) 605.25p 0.04 0.25p
Gateley Hldgs (GTLY) 166.50p 0.00 0.00p
Gattaca (GATC) 298.13p 1.40 4.13p
Gbgi Limited Ord Usd1.00 (GBGI) 174.00p 0.00 0.00p
Gcp Asset Backed Income Fund Limited C Shs Npv (GABC) 101.75p 0.00 0.00p
Gear4music Holdings (G4M) 687.50p -2.48 -17.50p
Gem Diamonds (GEMD) 75.25p 0.00 0.00p
Genedrive (GDR) 37.50p 0.00 0.00p
Genel Energy (GENL) 108.50p 0.46 0.50p
General Accident 7/78 (GACB) 150.88p 0.08 0.13p
Genesis Emerging Markets Fnd Ld (GSS) 705.25p 1.04 7.25p
Genus (GNS) 2,184.00p -0.73 -16.00p
Georgia Healthcare Group (GHG) 342.50p 0.74 2.50p
Georgian Mining Corporation Ord Npv Di (GEO) 17.63p 0.71 0.13p
Getbusy Ord 0.15p (GETB) 37.00p 3.50 1.25p
Gfinity (GFIN) 23.00p 8.24 1.75p
Glanbia (GLB) 15.93p 0.06 0.01p
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) 1,297.75p -1.20 -15.75p
Gleeson (M J) Group (GLE) 692.75p -1.04 -7.25p
Glencore (GLEN) 361.68p 0.51 1.83p
Glenveagh Properties Ord Eur0.001 Wi (GLV) 1.16p 0.54 0.01p
Gli Finance Limited Zdp Npv (GLIZ) 105.00p 0.00 0.00p
Global Fixed Inc Real (GFIR) 16.75p 0.00 0.00p
Global Invacom Group (GINV) 9.50p 0.00 0.00p
Global Petroleum (GBP) 2.00p 0.00 0.00p
Global Ports Holding Ord Gbp5.00 Wi (GPH) 481.00p 5.25 24.00p
Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT) 10.75p 0.00 0.00p
Globaldata (DATA) 575.00p 0.00 0.00p
Globalworth Real Estate Investments (GWI) 8.16p -0.12 -0.01p
Gloo Networks (GLOO) 96.50p 0.00 0.00p
Go-Ahead Group (The) (GOG) 1,627.50p 0.09 1.50p
Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) 82.00p -6.82 -6.00p Group (GOCO) 108.63p -1.25 -1.37p
GoldStone Resources (GRL) 1.95p 0.00 0.00p
Golden Prospect Precious Metals (GPM) 31.75p -2.31 -0.75p
Golden Rock Global Ord 1p (GCG) 9.00p 0.00 0.00p
Golden Saint Resources (GSR) 0.02p 0.00 0.00p
Goldplat (GDP) 7.88p 1.61 0.13p
Gooch & Housego (GHH) 1,282.50p -6.39 -87.50p
Good Energy Group (GOOD) 195.00p 0.00 0.00p
Goodwin (GDWN) 2,065.50p 0.27 5.50p
Gordon Dadds Group Ord 1p (GOR) 141.50p 0.00 0.00p
Gotech Group Ord 0.1p (GOT) 1.38p 0.00 0.00p
Grafenia (GRA) 10.25p 0.00 0.00p
Grafton Group (GFTU) 737.25p 0.72 5.25p
Grainger (GRI) 286.90p 1.02 2.90p
Grand Fortune High Grade Limited Ord Gbp0.0001 Di (GFHG) 9.50p 0.00 0.00p
Graphene NanoChem (GRPH) 2.08p 1.46 0.03p
Great Eastern Energy Corporation (GEEC) 42.50p 7.59 3.00p
Great Portland Estates (GPOR) 624.25p 0.77 4.75p
Great Western Mining Corporation (GWMO) 0.91p -2.67 -0.03p
Greatland Gold (GGP) 1.94p 1.31 0.03p
Green Smart Holdings Ord Npv (GSH) 6.13p 0.00 0.00p
Green Dragon Gas (GDG) 59.50p 0.00 0.00p
Green Reit (GRN) 1.51p 0.17 0.00p
Greencoat Renewables Ord Eur0.01 (GRP) 1.07p -0.35 -0.00p
Greencore Group (GNC) 195.75p 0.54 1.05p
Greene King (GNK) 511.25p -0.05 -0.25p
Greggs (GRG) 1,361.50p 0.11 1.50p
Greka Drilling (GDL) 2.33p 3.56 0.08p
Gresham Computing (GHT) 197.50p 0.00 0.00p
Gresham House (GHE) 384.00p 0.00 0.00p
Gresham House Strategic (GHS) 837.50p 0.30 2.50p
Griffin Mining (GFM) 81.00p -2.99 -2.50p
Ground Rents Income Fund (GRIW) 19.50p 0.00 0.00p
Ground Rents Income Trust (GRIO) 120.25p 0.21 0.25p
Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP) 98.63p 0.39 0.38p
Gulf Marine Services (GMS) 53.50p 0.00 0.00p
Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) 5.88p 0.00 0.00p
Gunsynd Ord 0.01p (GUN) 0.03p 0.00 0.00p
Gusbourne (GUS) 47.50p 0.00 0.00p

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