Company A-Z

Companies - H Price % Change
HG Capital Trust (HGT) 234.00p -12.36 -33.00p
HICL Infrastructure Co (HICL) 179.00p 0.56 1.00p
HSBC ETFs FTSE 100 (HUKX) 7,352.50p -0.62 -45.50p
HSBC Holdings (HSBA) 579.00p 1.05 6.00p
HSBC MSCI China UCITS Etf (HMCD) 8.23p -3.71 -0.32p
HSBC MSCI Turkey UCITS Etf $ (HTRD) 2.90p 9.02 0.24p
Halma (HLMA) 2,101.00p -0.14 -3.00p
Hammerson (HMSO) 282.50p 10.61 27.10p
Hansteen Holdings (HSTN) 116.40p 0.00 0.00p
Harbourvest Global Private Equity (HVPE) 1,568.00p -14.60 -268.00p
Hargreaves Services (HSP) 300.00p 0.00 0.00p
Henderson Eurotrust (HNE) 1,232.50p 1.86 22.50p
Henry Boot (BOOT) 332.50p -0.45 -1.50p
Highland Gold Mining (HGM) 181.00p -5.68 -10.90p
Hikma Pharmaceuticals (HIK) 2,000.00p 3.28 63.50p
Hipgnosis Songs Fund (SONG) 109.50p 0.46 0.50p
Hochschild Mining (HOC) 167.50p -0.48 -0.80p
Hostelworld Group (HSW) 129.80p -14.61 -22.20p
Howden Joinery Group (HWDN) 669.50p -1.66 -11.30p
Huatai Securities Co. . Gdr Each Repr 10 A Shs Rmb1 Reg S Wi (HTSC) 24.05p 0.00 0.00p
Hurricane Energy (HUR) 29.55p 17.64 4.43p

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