Company A-Z

Companies - L Price % Change
Lancashire Holdings (LRE) 628.25p 5.32 31.75p
Land Securities Group (LAND) 825.00p 0.32 2.60p
Landscape Acquisition Holdings Limited Ord Npv Di Wi (LAHL) 8.70p 1.16 0.10p
Legal & General Group (LGEN) 223.00p -7.70 -18.60p
Lindsell Train Investment Trust (the) (LTI) 1,210.00p 2.11 25.00p
Livermore Investments Group (LIV) 38.50p 0.00 0.00p
Lloyds Banking Group ORD (LLOY) 54.38p -3.24 -1.82p
London Stock Exchange Group (LSE) 3,907.50p 1.05 40.50p
Lonmin (LMI) 51.00p 10.63 4.90p
Lookers (LOOK) 100.40p 8.19 7.60p
Lyxor Etf Brazil (Ibovespa) (RIOU) 20.26p 4.41 0.86p
Lyxor Etf MSCI Indonesia $ (INDO) 80.29p 0.00 0.00p
Lyxor Etf MSCI Indonesia £ (INDL) 6,106.00p 0.00 0.00p
Lyxor Etf MSCI World Info Tech Tr (TNOW) 232.64p -5.67 -13.99p
Lyxor Etf Thailand Set50 Net Tr $ (THA) 163.04p 0.00 0.00p
Lyxor Etf Thailand Set50 Net Tr £ (THAG) 12,402.00p 0.00 0.00p
Lyxor UCITS Etf FTSE Dvlpd Europe Ex Uk (EXUK) 2,897.76p 0.00 0.00p
Lyxor UCITS SG Global Value Beta (SGVB) 114.54p -1.87 -2.19p

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