Company A-Z

Companies - N Price % Change
N4 Pharma Ord 0.4p (N4P) 8.13p 0.00 0.00p
NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK 11 1/2% UND SUB NTS #1000(CNV TO PRF) (NATW) 171.25p 0.00 0.00p
NB Global Floating Rate Inc Fd $ (NBLU) 0.96p -0.13 -0.00p
NB Global Floating Rate Inc Fund £ (NBLS) 94.35p 0.16 0.15p
NCC Group (NCC) 227.13p 2.43 5.38p
NEX Group (NXG) 580.25p -1.98 -11.75p
NMC Health (NMC) 2,798.00p 2.49 68.00p
NWF Group (NWF) 159.00p 0.00 0.00p
Nahl Group (NAH) 148.13p 0.17 0.26p
Nakama Group (NAK) 1.55p 0.00 0.00p
Nanoco Group (NANO) 26.88p -0.44 -0.12p
Nasstar (NASA) 11.00p 0.00 0.00p
National Express Group (NEX) 357.45p -0.27 -0.95p
National Grid (NG.) 878.25p -0.20 -1.75p
Nationwide 7.25% (POB) 119.00p 0.00 0.00p
Nationwide Building Society Core Capital Deferred Shs Min 250 Ccds (NBS) 155.00p 0.00 155.00p
Nature Group (NGR) 4.88p 0.00 0.00p
Nautilus Marine Services (NAUT) 9.75p 0.00 0.00p
Nb Distressed Debt Investment Fund Limited Red Ord Npv (NBDG) 79.00p 0.00 0.00p
Ncondezi Energy Limited (NCCL) 5.13p -2.29 -0.12p
Nektan (NKTN) 21.50p -6.52 -1.50p
Netcall (NET) 42.75p 0.59 0.25p
Netscientific (NSCI) 64.00p 7.56 4.50p
New Century AIM VCT 2 (NCA2) 57.00p 0.00 0.00p
New Century AIM VCT (NCA) 71.50p 0.00 0.00p
New Star Investment Trust (NSI) 107.00p 0.00 0.00p
New Trend Lifestyle Group (NTLG) 1.25p 0.00 0.00p
NewRiver Retail (NRR) 333.40p 0.69 2.30p
Newmark Security (NWT) 1.05p 0.00 0.00p
Next Fifteen Communications Group (NFC) 384.38p 1.89 7.13p
Next (NXT) 4,327.00p -1.01 -44.00p
Nextenergy Solar Fund (NESF) 107.50p 0.47 0.50p
Nexus Infrastructure (NEXS) 199.50p 0.00 0.00p
Nichols (NICL) 1,592.50p -3.48 -57.50p
Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) 0.33p 0.00 0.00p
Nomura Jpxnikkei 400 Nettr D-EUR Hd UCITS (NJXE) 108.94p 0.56 0.61p
Nomura Jpxnikkei 400 Nettr D-USD Hd UCITS (NJXU) 110.23p 0.54 0.59p
Nomura Nikkei 225 EUR-Hedged UCITS Etf (NXKE) 132.09p 0.64 0.84p
Nomura Nikkei 225 USD-Hedged UCITS Etf (NXKU) 135.31p 0.69 0.93p
Non-standard Finance (NSF) 75.00p -2.60 -2.00p
Norcros (NXR) 175.75p -0.14 -0.25p
Norish (NSH) 47.75p 0.00 0.00p
Norman Broadbent (NBB) 10.75p 0.00 0.00p
North American Income Trust (The) (NAIT) 1,265.00p 0.40 5.00p
North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust (NAS) 2,683.50p 0.04 1.00p
North Midland Construction (NMD) 330.00p 0.00 0.00p
Northamber (NAR) 27.00p 0.00 0.00p
Northbridge Industrial Services (NBI) 107.50p 0.00 0.00p
Northern 2 Vct (NTV) 65.00p 0.00 0.00p
Northern 3 Vct (NTN) 93.25p 0.00 0.00p
Northern Bear (NTBR) 84.50p 1.20 1.00p
Northern Electric (NTEA) 159.00p 0.00 0.00p
Northern Investors Company (NRI) 227.00p -0.66 -1.50p
Northern Venture Trust (NVT) 73.00p 0.00 0.00p
Northgate (NTG) 425.25p 0.95 4.00p
Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Company (NTOG) 2.75p -0.90 -0.03p
Nostrum Oil & Gas (NOG) 357.80p 3.08 10.70p
Nottingham Building Society 7 7/8% (NOTP) 127.00p 0.00 0.00p
Novacyt S.a. Eur115th Cdi (NCYT) 58.75p 0.00 0.00p
Nu-oil And Gas (NUOG) 0.84p -5.11 -0.05p
Nuformix Ord 0.1p (NFX) 2.13p -15.00 -0.38p
Numis Corporation (NUM) 298.38p 1.23 3.63p

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