Company A-Z

Companies - T Price % Change
T.h.f.c.(social Housing Finance) (96JP) 124.00p 0.00 0.00p
TBC Bank Group (TBCG) 1,619.00p -1.22 -20.00p
TMT Investments (TMT) 2.25p 0.00 0.00p
TOC Property Backed Lending Trust (PBLT) 103.50p 0.00 0.00p
TP Group (TPG) 6.50p 0.00 0.00p
TP Icap (TCAP) 495.00p 0.77 3.80p
TR European Growth Trust (TRG) 1,149.00p -0.09 -1.00p
TR Property Investment Trust (TRY) 367.10p 0.25 0.90p
TT Electronics (TTG) 225.00p -0.88 -2.00p
TUI AG (TUI) 1,304.00p 1.01 13.00p
Taliesin Property Fund (TPF) 3,950.00p -0.25 -10.00p
TalkTalk Telecom Group (TALK) 210.20p -0.90 -1.90p
Tandem Group (TND) 117.50p 2.17 2.50p
Tanfield Group (TAN) 14.38p 0.91 0.13p
Taptica International (TAP) 346.50p 1.61 5.50p
Target Healthcare Reit (THRL) 119.00p 0.21 0.25p
Tarsus (TRS) 280.00p -0.88 -2.50p
Tasty (TAST) 36.50p 0.00 0.00p
Tate & Lyle (TATE) 626.50p -0.87 -5.50p
Tatton Asset Management (TAM) 181.00p 0.70 1.25p
Tau Capital (TAU) 0.06p 0.00 0.00p
Tavistock Investments (TAVI) 2.88p 0.00 0.00p
Tax Systems (TAX) 80.50p 0.00 0.00p
Taylor Wimpey (TW.) 186.30p 0.27 0.50p
TechFinancials Inc (TECH) 5.75p 0.00 0.00p
Ted Baker (TED) 2,593.00p 1.61 41.00p
Tejoori Limited (TJI) 0.39p 0.00 0.00p
Tekcapital (TEK) 22.00p 0.00 0.00p
Telecom plus (TEP) 1,086.00p -0.46 -5.00p
Telford Homes (TEF) 377.00p -0.46 -1.75p
Telit Communications (TCM) 189.25p -4.90 -9.75p
Temple Bar Investment Trust (53IM) 104.50p 0.00 0.00p
Temple Bar Investment Trust (TMPL) 1,287.00p 0.08 1.00p
Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust (TEM) 754.00p -0.53 -4.00p
Ten Entertainment Group (TEG) 185.63p 0.89 1.63p
Tern (TERN) 5.13p 0.00 0.00p
Terra Capital (TCA) 0.96p 0.00 0.00p
Terra Catalyst Fund (TCF) 30.00p 0.00 0.00p
Tertiary Minerals (TYM) 0.53p 0.00 0.00p
Tesco (TSCO) 182.95p -0.49 -0.90p
Tethyan Resources (TETH) 3.13p 0.00 0.00p
Tetragon Financial Group Limited Ord Usd0.001 (TFG) 12.43p 0.00 0.00p
Tex Holdings (TXH) 119.50p 0.00 0.00p
Thalassa Holdings (THAL) 86.00p 0.00 0.00p
Tharisa (THS) 105.50p 0.00 0.00p
The Brighton Pier Group (PIER) 109.00p 0.00 0.00p
The Fulham Shore (FUL) 13.13p 0.00 0.00p
The Gym Group (GYM) 210.00p 0.96 2.00p
The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG) 111.40p 0.00 0.00p
Thinksmart (TSL) 9.75p -12.36 -1.38p
Third Point Offshore Investors (TPOU) 16.46p 0.00 0.00p
Thomas Cook Group (TCG) 121.00p 1.09 1.30p
Thor Mining (THR) 0.75p -9.09 -0.08p
Thorpe (F W) (TFW) 360.25p 2.20 7.75p
Tiger Resource Finance (TIR) 0.70p 0.00 0.00p
Time Out Group Hc (TMO) 141.00p 0.00 0.00p
Tiso Blackstar Group Se (TBGR) 52.50p -1.87 -1.00p
Tissue Regenix Group (TRX) 12.25p 0.00 0.00p
Titon Holdings (TON) 137.50p 1.10 1.50p
Tiziana Life Sciences (TILS) 148.13p 0.00 0.01p
Tlou Energy Limited (TLOU) 8.63p -1.43 -0.13p
TomCo Energy (TOM) 5.50p 0.00 0.00p
Toople (TOOP) 1.15p 0.00 0.00p
Topps Tiles (TPT) 75.00p 2.04 1.50p
Toro (TORO) 0.86p 0.59 0.01p
Torotrak (TRK) 0.39p 0.00 0.00p
Total Produce (TOT) 197.50p 0.00 0.00p
Touchstar (TST) 86.50p -0.57 -0.50p
Touchstone Exploration Inc Com Shs Npv Di (TXP) 8.63p 0.00 0.00p
Touchstone Innovations (IVO) 281.50p 2.36 6.50p
Town Centre Securities (50BF) 105.00p 0.00 0.00p
Town Centre Securities (TOWN) 312.50p 0.81 2.50p
Tracsis (TRCS) 440.00p 0.57 2.50p
Trading Emissions (TRE) 1.50p 0.33 0.01p
Trafalgar New Homes (TRAF) 0.85p 0.00 0.00p
Trakm8 Holdings (TRAK) 80.00p 0.00 0.00p
Trans-Siberian Gold (TSG) 37.00p 0.00 0.00p
Transense Technologies (TRT) 63.50p 0.00 0.00p
Travis Perkins (TPK) 1,432.00p 0.70 10.00p
Treatt (TET) 456.75p -0.71 -3.25p
Tri-Star Resources (TSTR) 0.15p 3.57 0.01p
Triad Group (TRD) 62.50p 0.00 0.00p
Tribal Group (TRB) 81.00p -0.46 -0.38p
Tricorn Group (TCN) 20.50p 0.00 0.00p
Trifast (TRI) 205.50p 2.24 4.50p
Trinity Capital (TRC) 0.88p 0.00 0.00p
Trinity Exploration & Production (TRIN) 12.13p 7.82 0.88p
Trinity Mirror (TNI) 85.00p 0.29 0.25p
Triple Point Income VCT (TPV1) 50.00p 0.00 0.00p
Triple Point Social Housing Reit Ord 1p (SOHO) 102.00p 0.00 0.00p
Tristel (TSTL) 247.50p 3.13 7.50p
Tritax Big Box Reit (BBOX) 143.40p 0.63 0.90p
Troy Income & Growth Trust (TIGT) 77.75p 0.00 0.00p
Tullow Oil (TLW) 191.00p 7.12 12.70p
Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) 62.38p 0.61 0.38p
Twentyfour Income Fund (TFIF) 116.00p 0.22 0.25p
Twentyfour Select Monthly Income Fund (SMIF) 100.25p 0.50 0.50p
Tyman (TYMN) 322.50p -1.98 -6.50p
TyraTech Inc (TYR) 1.63p -7.14 -0.13p

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