Company A-Z

Companies - V Price % Change
Value And Income Trust (VIN) 250.50p 0.60 1.50p
Vanguard Funds FTSE 100 ETF £ (VUKE) 32.67p 2.43 0.78p
Vanguard Funds FTSE All-World ETF $ (VWRD) 83.75p -2.61 -2.25p
Vanguard Funds S&P 500 ETF $ (VUSD) 56.40p 0.06 0.04p
Vanguard Funds FTSE World High Div Yield UCITS (VHYL) 45.00p 4.46 1.92p
Velocys (VLS) 3.15p 79.49 1.40p
Vertu Motors (VTU) 37.50p 5.63 2.00p
Vesuvius (VSVS) 408.20p -1.97 -8.20p
Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) 10.30p 33.25 2.57p
Vietnam Enterprise Investments (VEIL) 485.75p -3.43 -17.25p
VinaCapital Vietnam Opp. Fund (VOF) 346.75p 0.51 1.75p
Vivo Energy (VVO) 126.40p 1.28 1.60p
Vodafone Group (VOD) 160.60p -0.25 -0.40p
Volution Group (FAN) 175.50p -2.77 -5.00p

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