Avacta Group, the developer of Affimer biotherapeutics and reagents, said 2017 had been a record year for scientific publications using Affimer reagents, with nine scientific papers reporting the work of leading groups world-wide.

It said two recent papers from the world-renowned laboratory of David Komander at the University of Cambridge had been published in two important international journals - Molecular Cell, and Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

It said these research articles described the use of Affimer reagents that recognised important cell signals called the "diubiquitin linkages", which were thought to be involved in a wide range of diseases.

Group chief executive Dr Alastair Smith said: 'Independent scientific reports featuring Affimer reagents are strong validations of the technology and highly influential indirect marketing.

'During 2017, nine Affimer scientific papers have been published, compared with two in 2016 and four in 2015, and are being read by an ever widening audience; a strong indication of the growing awareness and adoption of the Affimer technology.

'As well as being a bumper year for Affimer publications, it is particularly pleasing to see reports of Affimers' key benefits in the most prestigious scientific journals and I look forward to seeing this trend continue in 2018.'